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India is widely recognized as the land of abundant resources with respect its supply of natural resources. The Indian subcontinent is blessed with a variety of resources coupled with an ever growing potential. GloMon Impex Private Limited (GIPL) has identified these opportunities significantly and penetrated into these segments.

Our goal is simple, provide the world the best of India and to bring the best of the world to India. With this approach, GIPL is constantly marching ahead towards being a leader in the industry.

GloMon Impex Private Limited is one of the flagship companies of GloMon Group. It is primarily engaged in global distribution. Our basic concept is to use the vital resources for the betterment and sustainablity of global lives.

GIPL owns a diversified portfolio focusing on exports of Commodities, Handicrafts, Textiles and Spices. GIPL also focuses on imports of Machinery and Consumer Goods in addition to the exports.